Doc Ellen's Gallery:  where nature is seen...absorbed...cherished...shared

b12_ Kate & Petruchio paired flight

Bald eagle home of Kate & Petruchio 

First Nest
b22_ Hershey flight

Bald eagle home of Hershey & Godiva.

H & G Nest
_ARK0369 Ranger Mom

Bald eagle home of Mom & Dad Ranger

Ranger Cove
MARK3659 eagle moon.jpg

Bald eagle daily lives at Jordan Lake.

Neighborhood Bald Eagles
o2_ osprey tailrace vertical dive

Ospreys fishing, in flight and at home.

ha1_ northern harrier female

Hawks, falcons, owls and vultures.

Other Raptors
WALK3851 Petruchio and Brassy Fight.jpg

The photos in the gallery at the center.

Visitor Center
_ARK6385 killdeer launch.jpg

Shorebirds, gulls and teals.

s3_ blue w black velvet accents

Song birds, hummers and black birds.

Itty-Bitty Birds
h4_ Stumpy halo

Herons and egrets on the shorelines. 

Wading Birds
d11  wood duck drake detail

Ducks, geese and other water birds.

Water Birds
_ARK8149 pileated woodpecker

Interesting raptors of several species.

Woodpeckers and other birds.